Exhibit in safety

All security protocols established under the guidance of the Emilia Romagna Region and defined within the Italian Association of Trade Fairs (AEFI). 

  • Mandatory temperature check for all exhibitors and visitors. People experiencing a temperature higher than 37.5°C (99.5°F) will not be allowed into the exhibition center;

  • The Layout is designed conforming to special safety parameters: the areas of the event (corridors, common areas, stands) will be designed according to a layout that will meet the spacing criteria established in the protocols to allow an interpersonal distance of 1 meter between all those present within the district. Within the areas dedicated to conferences, a seating arrangement will be provided to ensure the spacing of 1m (3ft) between all attendees and compliance with the maximum capacity provided for by the safety protocols;

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory inside the exhibition center: all people presents inside the exhibition center must wear a mask for the entire duration of their stay. ModenaFiere will activate special surveillance services which will be responsible for verifying compliance with this rule;

  • Signage and sanitizers available throughout the district: special signs with Covid rules and sanitizing gel dispensers will be placed in all the corridors of the event and in all common areas;

  • Continuous and reinforced cleaning and sanitation: all common areas and services will be constantly manned by personnel in charge of continuously sanitizing and cleaning these spaces;

  • Surveillance at the fair: surveillance teams will be present at the fair with the task of verifying timely compliance with the safety regulations provided for in the protocols (mask obligation, spacing, prohibition of gathering) and to intervene immediately if they detect infringements of the rules indicated.

  • Pre-registration is mandatory: to access the event, it will be necessary for all visitors to pre-regiter online. In this way it will always be possible to monitor the influx of people in the district and respect the safety parameters provided in the protocols about the maximum amount of people present at the fair at the same time. The same requirement will also be valid to access the conference areas in order to always ensure that the turnout does not exceed the maximum capacities provided for each space. The pre-registration will also allow to have a complete database of who will come to visit the event in order to allow complete traceability of all possible contacts;