At B.T. Expo Shomed, companies that are part of the entire technological and production chain of the biomedical sector will be able to take part as exhibitors.

The B.T. Expo Shomed Biomedical Technologies Expo event, organized by ModenaFiere, a company of the BolognaFiere group, is designed by businesses for businesses in virtue of the active and proactive presence in the Organizing Committee of Confindustria Medical Devices, Confindustria Emilia Area Centro, CNA Modena and LAPAM Confartigianato Modena.

All the seven areas of the Medical Devices sector will be represented at the highest levels:

biomedical, electro-medical, in-vitro diagnostics, biomedical instrumentation, services and software, technical equipment, borderline.

In a single exhibition center – central and easily accessible – one of the sectors with the greatest added value will have a new home in which to exhibit and introduce the potential buyers to the role they’re playing into building our future through constant research and innovation activity.

Industry Sectors

  • Production of components (moulding and plastic processing in general, mould making)
  • Production of finished products
  • Raw materials, materials, adhesives, packaging
  • Biopolymers – Biomaterials, Nanomaterials, Material Modification (disposal and circular economy)
  • Production, handling and measuring equipment
  • Control equipment (automation, robotics, machine learning)
  • Electro-medical equipment
  • OEM
  • Software and IT (digitalisation,cybersecurity, augmented reality, MES)
  • Services (prototyping, consulting, training / technology transfer)
  • Electric and electronic components, sensors
  • Innovation (3D printing, nanomaterials, surface treatments, special technologies)
  • Institutions, certification bodies
  • Environmental sanitation equipment


Three display units are available, each of them has the option to be open on 1 or 2 sides



Important Notice

Dear Exhibitors,

for many years now some companies (which continuously change their company name, such as: Commercial Online Manuals S de RL de CV, Construct Data Verlag GmbH, wwwdb sro, International Fair Directory, Mulpor Company) based in various countries (Uruguay, Mexico , Slovakia, Austria, etc) send misleading forms to companies around the world, with which they ask to provide and / or correct their corporate data so that they can be published in catalogs and / or lists related to trade fairs in the sector of membership, with the relative promise of wide visibility. The signing of the form in question, apparently free, instead involves the commitment (provided in lower case letters at the foot of the form) to pay an annual amount (currently around € 1,200.00).

In the above form, with the clear purpose of creating confusion about the sender of the communication, the name of a trade fair actually held in Italy and / or abroad is always present – in clearly visible characters – and the social data are already reported of the companies (copied from the catalogs of the events in which the recipients actually participate) as if to suggest that it is precisely the online catalog of this exhibition.

In this regard, we therefore intend to clarify that ModenaFiere has never authorized any company to use the trademarks relating to its own trade fairs, nor has it ever provided any data to these deceptive companies. ModenaFiere has long since initiated legal action against the guilty businesses to protect their rights, albeit taking into account the difficulties encountered due to the continuous change of name and registered office.

In light of the above, in the event that you receive forms or proposals or emails, we strongly advise you to carefully read the conditions contained before signing as by completing and submitting the form you sign a contract in which you undertake to pay an annual / multi-year fee not due.

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